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FEAR: A Self-imposed Prison and How to Overcome It

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Sex May Be Happiness, but Wealth Isn't Sexiness

Tips for sexual health and happiness

Counseling Individuals and Couples for nearly 20 years

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Regular contributor to the National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
( and Special Guest on the weekly talk radio show, "Community Matters."

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Improve the quality of your life, your earning potential, as well as having
a more positive outlook. Have more rewarding and intimate relationships

• Depression .• Anxiety .• Substance Abuse Issues
• Abuse and Other Trauma .• Other Personal Issues
• Relationship Issues .• Sexual Issues
Special Offer for New Clients

First 5 sessions .. $ 359.00

If you are visiting my website, you have likely been thinking that you might need help to improve the quality of your life and your relationships. It is possible that you have delayed help because you thought it was unaffordable.

I understand how learning new ways of thinking and doing things helps to improve quality of life. This fee special will give you the opportunity to explore if this will benefit you. This offer is for a limited time for new clients only. This is nearly a 50% savings. Please call or email me for more info. (all fees are non-refundable)

After nearly 25 years in private practice I have decided to close my physical office. Over the years I have been working with clients all over the world using webcam as well as in my office with local clients. I have found this to be as effective as meeting face to face in my office. Therefore, I will continue helping clients improve the quality of their lives using the current communication technology.

Coaching vs. Therapy

"I'm not crazy and I don't need therapy." Most people associate therapy and counseling with having a mental health issue and there continues to be a stigma attached to seeking the services of psychotherapist. Many people have issues and symptoms that would give them a mental health diagnosis but do not feel they need to be “treated.” In many cases the symptoms are due to not having the skills to manage emotions and handle the problems they faced in life. They might not have a diagnosis if they had developed these skills.

What I do is teach (train, if you will) my clients the skills they need in order to improve quality of life and increase the satisfaction they get from relationships as well as life in general. A coach teaches people skills and how to apply those skills. In this case the skills include those you may need in order to improve your self-esteem, your mood, your relationships, and your overall effectiveness in managing all areas of your life, as well as having a feeling of wellbeing. Changing how your mind works, what things mean to you, and learning new behaviors will go a long way toward improving your life.

Why Should I Be Your Coach?

My clients tell me that they benefit from me sharing my own life experience and how I apply the skills I teach them. I have had my share of misfortune. Some of which I brought on myself due to poor judgment. I learned to overcome and use my experiences to improve my life. I share my life experience whenever I feel it will benefit my clients. I found not only do we learn from our misfortune and mistakes but we also find strength that we didn't know we had.

As a coach I am very directive and involved with clients as they learn to change thinking, beliefs, and the things they do in order to get more from life. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will experience major improvement in your life with my help. I have a Masters Degree in mental health counseling and nearly 20 years working in mental health, addiction, and human sexuality. I am a Certified Sexologist. I have helped hundreds of people overcome the issues that have caused them problems and interfered with a satisfying life. During my years in this profession I have also helped many couples have more satisfying relationships. Most Life Coaches do not have nearly the degree of training and experience I do. I also have a life experience in which I have had to learn to change and adapt and even reinvent myself. My passion lies in helping people make positive changes and find a more rewarding life. I am deeply invested in improving lives. This isn't just a job to me.

I also have extensive experience working with clients who live alternative lifestyles, providing a safe place for people living all alternative lifestyles to talk openly and explore ways to improve quality of life. I work with members of the GLBT community and have a genuine understanding of what it takes to change. My role as a coach is to work in partnership with my clients to guide and empower them to find solutions to life's problems. You will have a safe space to explore the issues that are holding you back and find solutions.

I have worked with many people who engage in compulsive sexual behaviors (Sex Addiction). See my article "Understanding of Sexual Addiction; Are you a sex addict?"

Do You Have Unresolved Abuse Or Trauma Issues?

Ask me about Rapid Resolution Therapy. You can resolve these issues in one or two sessions.

Coaching Via Webcam is also available !!!!!

I have been working with clients via webcam for several years and it has become a more widely accepted way of providing services to clients. Here is an article in the New York Times:

Therapists are seeing patients online - New York Times

This works just like visiting my office without leaving the comfort of your home. Sessions last for an hour. Save gas and travel time, and there's no need to find a babysitter. You receive all the services clients visiting my office receive. All that's required is that you have a webcam and install SKYPE on your computer. SKYPE is encrypted, so it ensures your privacy and confidentiality. This is an ideal alternative to those living too far from my office to make office visits practical.

Just install SKYPE:
Download SKYPE
Here - FREE

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PLEASE NOTE: For your convenience, I will provide you with downloadable patient registration forms that you can complete prior to your session. Please complete and email to me prior to our 1st session.
  1) Client Self Report

2) Demographic Form

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Day and evening hours, reasonable fee schedule.

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Jay Tow, M. S., Counselor, Life Management and Relationship Coach

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